A new Adult Urban Fantasy / Dystopian Adventure.


The Mythik Wars I



Things are not always as they seem.


Zach Morris has a secret.  He can see monsters.


They don’t come to him in dreams or nightmares.  They work in his office, they take tolls on the turnpike, they live next door.  They are Mythiks.  They’ve always been among us; elves, dwarves, hobbits and all the rest of the creatures from the fantasy novels and movies we thought were nothing more than the creations of our imaginations, but they’re as real as we are. 


Most of us can’t see them, but there are some humans who can pierce the Mythik’s outer façade, and see them for what they really are, the Aperios.  But being an Aperios is perilous, torn between humans who want to ferret out those living among us and the Mythiks who want to remain hidden.  


Zach Morris had a secret but now he’s running for his life as the world of the Mythiks collides with our own and the future of the human race hangs in the balance.