The all new sequel to

the YA


Urban Fantasy series

All Things In The Shadows II

The Shayd Chronicles



Hate is a terrible burden to bear...


It weighs on you until all you know is darkness and all you feel is pain.


Life for Eve and Kateri has settled into a familiar routine at the Factory; demon hunting during the day, followed by quiet evenings at home, but that tranquility is shattered by an assault on the old creamery by a mysterious entity that leaves the Shayds reeling.


Just as the fledgling bond between the Umbra and the Abyss resistance is beginning to take hold, this new development threatens to destroy their tenuous alliance.


Now, with the help of Kyuki and their demon allies, Eve and Kateri lead a team in a race against the clock to prevent another attack before more lives are lost and the future of the Shayds is threatened.