The followup to the acclaimed Adult Urban Fantasy / Dystopian Adventure.


The Mythik Wars II



Things are not always as they seem.


A long time ago, I asked someone who loved me why they were helping save us when so many humans hate us, hunt us and kill us for just being.  She said everyone has a right to live, and that there is beauty is everything around us, even if we can’t see it.


Years later, someone I loved asked me why I was helping to save the humans when they do such terrible things to us.  When they hate us, hunt us and kill us for just being. I told her that we needed to be more humane than they are, and that where there’s hate, there can be love.  Where there’s evil, there is always good.


But after all these years, after so much pain and loss, those words seem to ring hollow in my ears.


The world as we know it is at a turning point.  There’s a storm coming and I’m not sure any of us will survive it, but I will do everything I can so that everything that I’ve lost will not have been in vain.


Join Lydia as she treks across the devastated former United States to find Zach and Melody, but more importantly, the one person that Cain Blackthorne thinks can help save the world; their daughter Lyra.